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Depending on your requests and needs, we shall source the product you are looking for at the best possible price. With the support of our network of factories in Asia and Europe, we are empowered to assist our clients within numerous and various sectors.


Our objective is to avoid misunderstandings caused by cultural differences in view of driving your project towards successful completion.


The value of our service lies in the absence of intermediaries, so as to offer the most competitive prices.


Our mission is to ensure the monitoring of the production, from the validation of samples all the way until the final delivery.


Our supervision occurs during each and every step by ensuring compliance with a strict procedure in view of guaranteeing the quality control all the way up to the final packing of the products.


We shall assist you with the development of your own branded products (personalisation, colour, design, etc.) or your own manufacturing moulds.



We offer quality control solutions all along the production process. We implement the necessary certifications depending on the importing country.


We comply with the relevant regulations depending on the products involved.

We also assist with the implementation of factory certifications, such as BSCI and SMETA.


In order to increase the flexibility and reactivity vis-à-vis your clients, we shall organise the consolidation of merchandises originating from various factories.

Our storage solutions enable you to build a stock of products in view of shortening the time needed for your client deliveries.


We also ensure the packing and logistics for each of your products.



We shall assist you with the logistics arrangements (air, rail, sea) depending on your needs and at the best available price.


From the choice of transporter all the way until the type of container and customs clearance, we shall advise on the best possible solution depending on your priorities and the relevant incoterm (EXW, FOB, DDP, etc.).

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