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Welcome to our Logistics service page. We offer consolidation and warehouse management services as part of the supply chain process to handle your import/export of goods, documentation, consolidation, and delivery in a single shipment. We also can help you prepare a set of documents for smooth logistics.

1. Transport Coordination

We offer transportation coordination services as part of the supply chain process. We manage the import/export of goods through trusted forwarders, arrange pickup, handle documentation, consolidate merchandise, and deliver in a single shipment.


We can help you handle the crucial steps of the supply chain for a seamless process.

2. Consolidation and Warehouse

Consolidation and warehouse management are essential aspects of the supply chain process.

At MWT SOURCING, we can help manage the import and export of goods through our network of trusted and experienced forwarders. In addition, we can arrange for the pickup of goods at the factory and handle all necessary documentation for a factory warehouse, a classic or bonded warehouse.

3. Taxes and Customs Clearance 

To ensure the smooth logistics of your shipments, we will need a set of documents, including a valid commercial invoice, a valid packing list, a certificate of origin, any necessary product certificates, and a bill of lading. MWT SOURCING can help you prepare these documents to ensure a seamless process.



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