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Upcoming Trade Shows and Fairs in China: A Comprehensive Guide for the Second Semester of 2023

Asia is known for its bustling trade show and fair scene, with hundreds of events annually across Asia (China, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, ...).

As we enter the second semester of 2023, there are already a plethora of exciting events planned, spanning various industries and interests.

We've got you covered if you're interested in staying up-to-date with all the upcoming trade shows and fairs in Asia. Below is a comprehensive list of over 500 events in various cities in Asia. There's something for everyone, from technology and fashion to healthcare and more.

Look at the table below to see the full rundown of all the upcoming events, and start planning your trip to Asia today!

You attend and you need our help?

If you plan on attending any trade shows listed above, maximize your time on-site with our personalized assistance. Our team of experts can help you meet with Asian suppliers according to your specific needs and facilitate communication with a translator. We can also provide expert assistance in obtaining essential information to optimize your opportunities. You can take a meeting here.

You need our help to attend an event on your behalf?

However, if you're unable to attend the trade show in person, don't miss out on any business opportunities in Asia. Our sourcing service provides a comprehensive solution to help you succeed in your business. We collect catalogs and business cards, analyze the feasibility of product development, and negotiate purchasing conditions on your behalf. With our expertise and on-site presence, you can trust us to be your eyes and ears in China, even if you're unable to be there yourself. You can take a meeting here.

Semester 2 - 2023

Important Reminder: All dates are subject to change. We recommend contacting the organizers for the latest information before finalizing your plans.


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