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Packaging and wrap: Can be customized


INR21700-4000mAh-Product Specification:


Rated Capacity

Typical: 4000mAh

Minimum: 3900mAh

Discharge at 0.2C5A after standard charge fully


Nominal Voltage: 3.7V

Mean operation voltage during standard discharge.


The voltage at the end of Discharge: 2.5V

Discharge cut-off voltage


Charging Voltage: 4.2±0.03V

Standard Charge: Constant Current 0.5C5A Constant Voltage4.2V 0.02C5A cut-off

Charge time : Approx 4.0h 


Standard Discharge: Constant current 0.2C5A end voltage 2.5V


Fast Charge: Constant Current 1.0C5A Constant Voltage 4.2V 0.02C5A cut-off


Charge time : Approx 2.5h.


Fast Discharge: Constant current 3.0C5A end voltage 2.5V


Maximum Continuous Charge Current: 6.0A


Maximum Continuous Discharge Current: 35A


Weight: Approx: 68.0g

Product Dimension: Highly: Max 70.4mm; Diameter: Max 21.4mm


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Battery INR21700-3.7V-CDR

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