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Tips for Furniture Shaping Trends

The right furniture can have a profound impact on one's productivity, health, and wellness. Without it, we are nothing more than an unorganized mess with no sense of style or direction.

The type of office space you work in is very important for your overall mood - which will reflect back onto how productive (or stagnant) that day was.

The global furniture industry is projected to grow at an annual rate of 8.8% from 2021 to 2030, driven primarily by increasing disposable income levels and the growing popularity in hybrid working culture among other factors such as economic slowdowns due to pandemic's influence on consumers' purchasing habits

Accordingly, Woodworking Network estimates that total sales revenue from this market will reach $294 billion By 2022 !

With the pandemic changing people's lifestyles and preferences, there is a renewed interest in furniture design. Consumers are looking for new ways to decorate their homes with outdoor spaces being maximized through renovations or interior décor.



With the rise of green products, consumers are more interested in sustainable materials than they were before. Recycled items or those made from natural alternatives such as bamboo cannot compare with steel and plastic when it comes down to how harmful their carbon footprints might be for our environment but these new trends show promise.


Innovations in the furniture industry are driving a shift from one-use items to multifunctional pieces. consumers want furniture that can adapt and change with their needs, which is why these new styles of chairs come equipped not only as regular seats but also have storage compartments or charging ports for electronic devices like smartphones.


Marble and wood were made for each other. The days of marble being confined only in the kitchen are long gone, as it can now be found gracefully decorating dining rooms or living spaces too.

No matter what style you go with - traditional/modern- these two materials will always offer an elegant touch that no other combo does quite like themselves

This material adds such unique character; whether ornate or Modernistic...they're perfect together.

There are many different furniture trends in the market this year. Which trend do you think is going to be hot for next year? Feel free to contact us to help you find some reliable suppliers. Let's chat about how we can meet your needs and stay ahead of upcoming changes!



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