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Monthly Subscription

Welcome to MWT Sourcing, your trusted partner for sourcing.

We are a French-speaking team based in Asia and Europe, specializing in product sourcing and production monitoring. We aim to streamline your procurement process and provide comprehensive solutions.

How It Works

  1. Pay for the Monthly Subscription: Sign up and pay for our monthly subscription to access our complete sourcing services.

  2. Briefing Call and Project Manager Allocation: We schedule a briefing call to understand your needs and your industry. Based on the discussion, we assign a dedicated project manager who will be your main point of contact.

  3. Scheduled Calls and Flexibility: We work with you through scheduled calls, typically two per month (flexible based on your requirements), to discuss your sourcing needs and provide updates on the progress.

  4. Product Research: We conduct free targeted product research for you, leveraging our extensive network of qualified suppliers in Asia.

  5. Factory Relationship Management: We take over your existing factory relationships or, if needed, we establish new connections with reliable factories that meet your requirements.

  6. Sampling Process and Production Follow-Up: We take care of the sampling process, ensuring that the product meets your specifications. Throughout the production cycle, we closely monitor and provide regular updates on the progress.

  7. Liaison with Purchase, Logistics, and Management: We act as a liaison between your purchase department, logistics department, and management, ensuring smooth communication and coordination.

  8. Logistics Handling: We handle the logistics for you, including shipping, customs formalities, and ensuring timely delivery of your products.

  9. We are typically working on a one-year contract.

The advantages

Discover a game-changing solution for your sourcing needs with our monthly subscription service. At MWT Sourcing, we offer a comprehensive and hassle-free sourcing experience tailored to your requirements. Here's why our monthly subscription service is the ultimate sourcing solution:

  1. Dedicated Team at Your Service: With our monthly subscription, you can access a dedicated team fully committed to fulfilling your sourcing needs. From product research to production follow-up, certification and logistic expertise, we handle it all, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

  2. Streamlined Communication and Efficiency: By eliminating intermediaries, we establish direct communication channels with suppliers. This streamlined approach minimizes the risk of miscommunication, ensuring accurate execution of your orders and maximizing your profits

  3. Language and Cultural Expertise: Our team, fluent in multiple languages, including the local languages in Asia, bridges the language and cultural gaps. We facilitate seamless supplier communication, mitigating potential misunderstandings and fostering effective collaboration.

  4. End-to-End Supply Chain Management: Beyond product sourcing and production monitoring, our services encompass comprehensive supply chain management. We take care of logistics, including shipping and customs formalities, ensuring your products are delivered on time and in perfect condition.

  5. Risk Mitigation and Compliance Assurance: We prioritize quality and compliance. Our rigorous sourcing process ensures that products meet international standards and regulations. We obtain the necessary certifications, conduct compliance checks, and minimize risks associated with sourcing in Asia.

  6. Flexibility to Meet Your Needs: We understand that every business is unique. Our monthly subscription service is flexible, allowing us to tailor our support based on your specific requirements. Whether you need comprehensive end-to-end sourcing assistance or assistance in specific areas, we are here to meet your needs.

Our Complete Sourcing Services

We offer a monthly subscription that grants you access to our expertise and personalized assistance. Here's what our sourcing service entails:

  1. Product Sourcing: We help you find specific products by connecting you with our network of qualified suppliers in Asia. We consider your quality, pricing, and delivery requirements to offer you the best options.

  2. Production Monitoring: We oversee the entire production process to ensure smooth execution. We work closely with suppliers to guarantee that your products are manufactured according to your specifications, meeting quality and compliance standards.

  3. Logistics and Delivery: Our logistics expertise ensures efficient shipping and timely delivery of your products. We handle all customs formalities, ensuring your products arrive in perfect condition and on time.

  4. Compliance with International Standards: We understand the importance of compliance with international standards. We ensure that the products we source meet the required quality and safety standards, providing you with the necessary certificates for peace of mind.

Why Choose MWT Sourcing?

  • Experience and Expertise: Our team has extensive experience in Asia sourcing with our several offices and European experiences. We are well-versed in local markets, reliable suppliers, and best practices to ensure your business's success.

  • Availability and Transparency: We are available on your working hours to address your needs and keep you informed at every step of the sourcing process. We provide transparent factory pricing and detailed reports for complete visibility.

  • Personalized Service: At MWT Sourcing, we understand that each client is unique. We tailor our services to your specific needs, offering personalized assistance throughout your sourcing journey.


Subscribe Now and Simplify Your Asia Purchases with MWT Sourcing!


Optimize your sourcing in Asia with MWT Sourcing. Take advantage of our monthly subscription to access our expertise, 24/7 availability, transparent factory pricing, and comprehensive support. Contact us today to discuss your sourcing needs and subscribe to our service.

Tailored Services

Each service mentioned above can be included in the monthly subscription, or we can tailor our involvement based on your specific needs. Whether you require end-to-end sourcing support or assistance in specific areas, we are here to help.

One-Time Projects

If you don't require our monthly subscription service but think we can assist you with a one-time sourcing project, feel free to get in touch with us. We are happy to discuss your project requirements and provide a customized solution.



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