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Conformity and Quality

Welcome to our Conformity & Quality service page. We offer conformity tests and certifications, supplier identification and selection, Quality Control and Factory Audit services to ensure your products meet the required standards, have the best suppliers and have the best quality throughout the production process.

1. Conformity Tests and Certifications

We offer conformity tests and certification services to ensure that products meet the required standards. Obtaining certifications is mandatory to show that the products are safe.

We can help you obtain the necessary certifications like FCC, CE, FDA, ISO, UL, etc., depending on the specific industry and market.
It serves as an indicator of a product's safety and quality, giving customers confidence in the reliability of the supplier and minimizing the risk of selling or buying defective products.

2. Supplier Identification and Selection

We offer supplier identification/selection services to assist clients in selecting the best supplier for their products, considering factors such as ability to produce to specs, quality, price, materials, on-time delivery, location, innovation, logistics flow and cost savings.

3. Quality Control

MWT provides Quality Control service to ensure product quality throughout the production process and identify any issues.

Our process includes understanding clients' quality standards, determining when to conduct QC, reviewing results, and making improvements as needed. The goal is to help clients deliver consistent, high-quality products that meet customers' needs.

4. Factory Audit

Factory audit services ensure compliance with local/international standards, company standards, and brand image. Audits include capability, quality (ISO9001), social compliance, and environmental.

We also check certifications like ISO, BSCI, SMETA, LEED, and GOTS. Benefits include improved product quality, increased customer trust, and production capacity/productivity assessment. Help assess potential suppliers to meet client expectations.



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