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Supplier Identification

We select suppliers based on their ability, reliability, and location, to produce products to company's specification at the right price. weconsider the supplier's trained and knowledgeable staff, ability to innovate, delivery terms, problem-solving abilities, supply chain infrastructure, and geographic stability to ensure a smooth logistics flow. Cost savings is considered but not the only factor in selecting suppliers.

Supplier choice is Key

Choosing the right supplier to produce the right products at the right price is an essential step toward success. There are two primary ways to select suppliers: by working with a supplier who has an existing contractual relationship with the company or by seeking out a new supplier who can meet the company's product requirements.


When choosing suppliers, we consider a number of criteria, including:​

1. Ability

The supplier must have well-trained and knowledgeable staff who can produce products to our specifications, and they should have a good understanding of the latest technology and skills to innovate in a fast-changing environment.

3. Location

The supplier's supply chain infrastructure and geographic stability can help to enhance logistics stability.

2. Reliability

The supplier must be able to deliver products at the agreed terms for quality, price, materials, and on-time delivery. In the event of unexpected issues, they must be able to solve problems promptly.


4. Certifications

Working with factories that adhere to standards and have up-to-date certifications ensures that products are produced in compliance with regulations and that the supply chain is transparent and trustworthy.

While cost savings is an important consideration, it is not the only factor we consider when selecting suppliers. We also look at their ability to enhance our competitive advantage through product innovation and smooth logistics flow.



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