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At MWT Sourcing, our mission is to streamline your supply chain management, leveraging our expertise in global sourcing, logistics, and business processes. We are your partners in achieving a competitive advantage through efficient procurement outsourcing and supply chain management.

Our commitment is to help you navigate the complexities of product sourcing, contract negotiation, quality products, and shipment.


We understand the importance of category management and collaborative efforts with suppliers to ensure you get the best value for your investments.


We offer product development services, sourcing, and supplier management.


We specialize in creating innovative physical products, industrial design, prototyping, personalization, feature development, manufacturing mold creation, engineering support, quality control and compliance with regulations.


We help find the right products at the best price from reliable suppliers and operate with a network of factories in Asia and Europe.

Our services encompass the entire sourcing process, from product development services to procurement and contracting, supplier management, and beyond.

Our E-commerce and ERP systems expertise guarantees efficiencies and automation in your operations. We offer tailored sourcing strategies to meet your unique needs, supported by our experienced sourcing team.

Quality is paramount. That's why we offer extensive quality control services throughout the production process. Our rigorous contract negotiation ensures you receive only the highest quality products.


We offer conformity tests and certifications services to ensure products meet the required standards and obtain certifications (FCC, CE, FDA, ISO, UL, etc.) to show that products are safe.


MWT provides Quality Control service to ensure product quality throughout production and identify any issues.


Factory audit services ensure standards and brand image compliance, including capability, quality, social compliance, and environmental.


We also offer supplier identification, considering factors such as the ability to produce to specs, quality, price, materials, on-time delivery, location, innovation, logistics flow and cost savings.

We manage the entire cargo and exchange process. Our hub services optimize your importing and exporting efforts, minimizing costs while maximizing efficiency.

We offer consolidation and warehouse management services as part of the supply chain process.


We handle the import/export of goods, documentation, consolidation and delivery in a single shipment.

We can help prepare a set of documents for smooth logistics.

At MWT Sourcing, we are the backbone of your global business. Our supply chain management expertise covers everything from planning and sourcing to contract negotiation and shipment. We are your trusted partners in achieving supply chain excellence.

Our collaborative approach extends to consultants who work closely with your stakeholders to align your sourcing strategy with your business goals.


We are a leading provider of sourcing, supply chain management, and quality control services.
We help businesses simplify their purchasing process in Asia by providing a turnkey service that handles all aspects of purchasing products in Asia, from sourcing to logistics.

We are a global sourcing company that helps businesses find the right products at the best price. With our team of experienced professionals and our network of trusted suppliers, we can assist you in every step of the sourcing process.

For our client

Our services

Our team

We act as an extension of our clients' purchasing department in Asia, helping them to streamline their sourcing and purchasing process in the region.

Our services include product development, industrial design and prototyping, engineering, manufacturing, supplier management, quality control, conformity tests and certifications, consolidation and warehouse management, and logistics.

Our team is made up of experienced professionals with a deep understanding of the global sourcing landscape. We have established relationships with suppliers in a wide range of industries, including electronics, textiles, and machinery, and we are constantly expanding our network to meet the evolving needs of our clients.


We have strict standards for selecting our suppliers, ensuring that they meet all necessary regulations and have the knowledge and skills to produce high-quality products.

We also have a systematic approach to supplier management, helping to optimize the performance of your suppliers and enhance the relationships between your company and your suppliers.

At MWT Sourcing Limited, our goal is to help you find the right products at the best price while also ensuring that every step of the process meets the highest standards of quality and compliance.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business succeed.



Professionals of various nationalities and competencies


Experienced in the fields of sourcing, consulting and logistics, etc.


We have relationships of trusted suppliers around the world


We understand your constraints and needs, we help you growth and development


Dedicated contact person covering the whole range of our services


French, English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. Communication is our special feature


We remove intermediaries in order to offer the best possible price.


Dedicated chat between your team and ours. We are flexible, 24h stand by.


Check the status of your orders and projects 24/7 through our online dashboard.


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