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Top-selling gaming products to source in 2022


Online gaming has become incredibly popular in recent years, due to its accessibility and affordability. The spectrum of games available online continues growing with advances that allow players the chance for realistic graphics even when they're not on a personal computer or laptop. There's also cloud streaming technology that enables gamers at home (or elsewhere) to enjoy their favorite titles without having an actual console hooked up inside your house. All these factors make e-sports exponentially greater than it was before, you can watch tournaments unfold live via Internet TV channels like Twitch while drinking coffee.

With the gaming industry growing at a fast rate, consumers are buying more and better equipment to keep up with their needs. Modern Intelligence expects this market value will reach $314 billion by 2026 with an increase of 9%. Let’s have a look at the gaming equipment that consumers love to purchase:


Gaming Headsets

Gaming headsets are superior to their standard Bluetooth headphone counterparts in many ways. They have hi-fi and surround sound support, which means you can hear the action clearly with crystal clear audio for games or live streaming without any background noise interrupting your session. These lightweight units feature thick over-ear cushions that provide comfort while also blocking out surrounding sounds so they’re perfect when playing video games online all day long (or just taking a break). Most modern gaming headsets work seamlessly on PC's as well as consoles, making them an excellent purchase no matter what type of player one may be looking forward to. Gaming headsets with mic, wireless gaming headsets, and VR gadgets are in high demand these days. Pink or white color schemes tend to be popular among consumers, so much that they’ve become an identifying trait for many gamers themselves.

Gaming Keyboards

Mechanics keyboards offer a faster, more responsive experience when playing games. They also have a little travel distance for swifter play and can be easily removed so you don't wear out your switches over time. This makes them great if durability is important as well because they're easier to service than regular membrane types without having too many delicate parts inside that could break under pressure from dropped items or excessive force pushing down on certain keys while gaming. Gaming keyboards are not just for PC gamers anymore. They're also a great way to increase your visibility when playing MMORPGs like World of Warcraft or DOTA 2 since you can see the keys clearly even if it's dark outside. Plus there is RGB lighting on these types because most players spend lots more time gaming at night than they do during daytime hours.

Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs are an excellent investment for gamers looking to improve their sitting posture and increase productivity. The average person spends 10 hours per week seated, which can lead them towards bad neck pain or back discomfort. Gaming desks enhance comfort with ergonomic features like adjustable heights (perfectly suited) as well as revoke support where needed most: behind the chair's seat cushioning area; this helps resist slouching while also improving focus throughout each day’s tasks due to better blood flow circulation caused by proper positioning.

Gaming chairs offer armrest adjustability. They're more robust than their office counterparts with those made of genuine leather being the most durable and breathable material that keeps you cool during hot summer days or warm winters, respectively. However, some gamers might prefer an affordable option like PU/PVC which provides similar comfort but at lower quality levels. Better think about what kind of gamers’ group you would like to target before your souring.

Gaming Laptops

Laptops have become an essential part of many gamers' lives. They provide portability and the freedom to play wherever you want, but they also tend to be hotter than desktops because there aren't as many cooling fans that can push air around inside your laptop enclosure like they do on a desktop PC.

Gaming laptops are known for their high-performance CPUs, but they also have other accessories that consume battery such as fans and displays. It is important to consider the length of time you want your computer on before making a purchase decision.

Users want to enjoy smooth gameplay without any lag or blurriness when moving around inside games where there's frequent shooting happening.

With so many different peripherals available, the gaming space is becoming more and less limited to a desktop computer. Gaming mice are now compatible with VR headsets as well.

This means that you can use one device for everything from controlling your game to checking your email while playing online, all without having too much hardware slowing down performance or holding back creativity when it comes time to sit down at home later on after work/school, etc...


Gaming controllers have been an accessory of choice for years as they make gaming more enjoyable and interactive by allowing players to physically interact with their game through buttons or joysticks which gives them control over what happens on screen.

With the growing popularity of video games, controllers have become an integral part. They enable gamers to play their favorite characters on screen with more detail and accuracy than ever before by providing them control over what happens in real-time, from where you point your weapon or use special power-ups all the way down to subtle movements like 360 degree turns without moving any physical distance at all!



To get in on this hot market, you need to find a reliable partner that can produce and monitor what customers want. Benchmarks products and technologies. That's where we come in. We have verified suppliers from across Asia and Europe and will help your company reach its goals for success by finding new markets or improving old ones with our experience and professional suggestions. Feel free to contact MWT SOURCING whenever you need any help.


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